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The Dwarves of Eramon arrived not long after the Elves and just before the Orcs; but they did not come over the sea, nor out of the forests, but from beneath the Earth itself. The Dwarves are a very old culture with a rich heritage and long memories recorded in song and tale. Those legends speak of a homeland, promised them by their Gods but never delivered to their hands, and it is one that the elders of this vagabond people, abandoned by their pantheon during the Godsgate Calamity, have ever sought to find.   Endless Dwarven mines and tunnels honeycomb the Earth, vast subterranean settlements built and then abandoned as the Dwarves forged ever onward in search of D'aleth Kol. Dwarves believed they are reincarnated souls, forever born and reborn to pursue their mission, and thus have little fear of death and great fascination with the past.   Stalwart and brave, the Dwarves are ardent scholars of archaeology and history, majestic artisans, and have a great love of the beauty of crafted things. They tirelessly work to create things of beauty, but take a certain pride in passing them on through trade or gift to others. To the Dwarvish mind, there is no substitute for dwarvish craftsmanship, and seeing it spread across the world and improve its grandeur and stability is a vital part of the natural mission of all dwarvenkind.   The Dwarves of Eramon are constantly on the move, and thus have little time to be as standoffish as those of other worlds; they are renowned for their jovial hospitality and the warmth and depth of their friendship. Dwarven culture has a powerful focus on forthrightness and truthfulness; the one thing Dwarves despise more than deceit is the willful destruction of history or cultural property, and it is this that has brought them into fierce conflict with some of the more brash explorers among Orcs and Humans...

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