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The curse of Undeath is among the greatest perils the world of Eramon has ever faced; for, unlike those of many other worlds, the inhabitants of Eramon had never in the entirety of its history been forced to contend with the dead rising to plague the living until the The Godsgate Calamity overtook their world.   Upon that terrible day, the once glorious city called Shining Faith became the cold black heart of a new region; The Deadlands. There, nothing that dies stays dead, as if the necrotic energies of some hideous afterworld were creeping into living Eramon and forcing upon it a twisted inversion of immortality.   To some, undeath is seen as the "Wrath of Zys", as if the Cold Mother were wreaking punishment upon the world for some unknown transgression. To others, it is called "The Pale Maiden's Lament", a dogma held by the remaining Church of Zys, in the belief that Undeath is proof that the Goddess is absent or somehow herself destroyed, for she would never have allowed such heinous anathema to her teachings to exist...   But where most regard the concept of undead creatures and beings with horror and dread, there are a scant few who see opportunity and find fascination with the concept. The shunned school of Necromancy has, in the years since the Age of Terror began and even after its end, grown slowly but steadily in followers. These arcane practitioners have learned how to harness the necrotic energies of undeath to manipulate, control or even create undead creatures.   Worse still are those who have used the powers of necromancy to transcend their own living state. Liches, mummies, death knights and vampires have become the true terrors of the undead era, ancient horrors who refuse to die, yet keep the cunning intellect they had in life and over their relentless ages accrue terrifying power to inflict upon the living...

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