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Built shallowly underground within a vertical cliff face on the eastern coast of Wulvaral, the city of Morngrum is the only Deepfolk settlement to have a notable Aarakocra demographic, which can be seen exiting the cliffs to take short-cuts to different parts of the city by flight, or to dive into the waters far below to harvest seafood or rescue travelers in stormy weather. Fisherfolk of the flightless races reach the water via an elaborate pulley system for lowering their boats, and often find themselves dependent on the resident Aarakocra should they run into trouble far down from home.   Life within the city of Morngrum is comfortable, with natural light available at the outermost edges of all levels of the city through the early part of the morning, and all the security of the underground deeper within the cliffs, where natural caverns have laid the groundwork for expanding this unique settlement.

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