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Soaring the heavens upon feathered wings, these elegant bird-folk can be found wherever there are currents to climb and thermals to catch. Aarakocra communities thrive in the lofty heights of Wulveral, where they call themselves, proudly, the true Skyfolk; bright, tropical breeds are thick within the tangled jungles of Ezzuth, and they nest in the islands of the Silversea and even in the rocky eeyries and ruined wizard's towers of Qadoris.   Though an advanced and cultured people, Aarakocra find the cluttered cities of other races stifling and claustrophobic and very rarely set foot in them, and most have a deep, primal terror of being trapped underground and find it very difficult to traverse subterranean locales. The freedom of the air is, to the Winged Folk, the ultimate joy.   Though they are a quite numerous folk and have many variant subraces scattered throughout the lands of Eramon, the Aarakocra so infrequently lower themselves - physically and psychologically - to interact with other races that there are plenty of places where they are considered mythical or completely unknown. Qadoric wizard scholars and gnome demianthropologists teem with excitement at the discovery of a new Aarakocra species, oft unaware that the birdfolk are just as curious and analytical in return; their somewhat alien avian mindset can be tricky for other races to comprehend...

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