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A Skyfolk city in the north of Wulvaral, near the coast. Studded into the high cliffs facing the northern sea, it is often buffeted by cold winds passing down into the straits from Kar Vreld, which does little to dissuade its strongly Aarakocra population from flight. Soaring above the waves, the bird-folk engage in fishing, with spears, swoop-nets or their bare claws, whilst the raucous shouts of fishmongers echo amid the cliff-city's many interconnected caves.   Considered one of Wulvaral's centers of fine dining, if one can stand the bracing wind, Isyaena has long enjoyed trade from the nearby Deepfolk settlement of Norfaldir; it is also one of the first ports of call for visiting traders, monks and travelers from Kar Vreld and northern Valderia. Isyaenan Aarakocra are some of the least reclusive and most upfront one can meet in Eramon, and it is indeed here that most 'landwalkers' have had their first such encounter, but there's a flip side to the reputation; this city's birdfolk are renowned for their shrewd, aggressive haggling and mercenary mercantile politics. More than one trader from abroad hoping to wrangle an advantageous deal from the cliff city's feathered tycoons has walked away with a bad taste in their mouth that's had nothing to do with the fish...

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