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This northern settlement is partially underground and partially above ground, where it is exposed to the harsh elements, including strong winds from the Outer Ocean and cold fronts blowing down from Kar Vreld. Its outdoor structures come with their own advantages, however, including accessibility to Skyfolk and to the ocean, making Norfaldir a city of diplomacy and trade as well as rugged survival.   In terms of industry, Norfaldir boasts a strong fishing fleet, and also harnesses the mighty winds that pummel it to power inventions that would be inoperable elsewhere in Wulveral. Norfaldir's harbor and counting houses also capture some of the trade from Kar Vreld and north-western Qadoris, despite the inconvenient positioning in relation to the Dragonclaw Archipelago, and the often volatile weather. A slight rivalry with the port city of Dorn Darim has emerged on account of this competition for northern trade, but Norfaldir's primarily Dwarven population has no real desire to re-make their home in the style of the more cosmopolitan eastern city. Nor are there such convenient means of transporting goods upwards to the Skyfolk as can be found in Momeldur. Thus it remains a less extroverted city than many of its counterparts to the south.

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