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Gateway to the Underhold

Far beneath Wulvaral lies its Dwarven capital, the underground city of Harnyuhr. This is not only the centrepoint of dwarven culture in the western continent, but also the base camp for the Great Delve, the frontier of the dwarvish quest for subterranean exploration, whose untold labyrinths lie just beyond this city...   As the last port of call for the Dwarves on their holy pilgrimage for D'aleth Kol, Harnyuhr is considered both a sacred city and a point of gathering for delvers of all stripes. Though there are very few Gnomes of either rock or forest kinds down this deep, there is a sizeable Svirfneblin population here. Most of the deep gnomes' own colonies are deeper still, but they have long-standing interactions with the dwarves to act as their guides on the delves ahead, in exchange for goods, trade and protection.

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