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Osma Shaeras

A Skyfolk settlement in central Wulvaral, near the twin peaks of Mt Meldur. Known as a religious heartland for the Aarakocra and Avariel Elves, whose lofty temples hang precariously from either peak, joined by a single-span adamantine bridge at the center of which hangs the Shrine of Highest Thought, open to the howling elements and suspended over a precipitous plunge to the jagged rocks and snow far below.   Due to the high winds in the peaks rendering flight by the winged folk exceedingly perilous, much of the upper levels of the city are built inside the mountain itself. Braving the winds to attend meditations at the Shrine without relying on one's wings is said to impart humility among the Skyfolk, part of the significance of the climb and the location itself, drawing many pilgrims from across Wulvaral, who spend their time perusing the great libraries and strolling the forums and promenades of the Holy City, sheltered from the shrieking gale just outside by the rocky skull of the mountain peaks.   It has also meant that those who actually dwell near the top of Osma Shaeras within its hollow halls are unusually, for Skyfolk, comfortable with an indoor existence similar to that of the Deepfolk, which perhaps explains the long-standing and solid trade relationship that Osma Shaeras has with the nearby Deepfolk city of Momeldur .   The solitude and altitude of the holy city has drawn its share of Aasimar, particularly into the priesthood of the long-silent god Nuuris. Here can these storm-tossed children of the heavens find some measure of peace and acceptance, high above the world, yet still so far from the Light whence they are born...

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