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Children of the Age of Terror in the aftermath of the Godsgate Calamity, the Aasimar were created during a semi-mythical period of conflict where angelic and infernal forces from the outer planes played an elaborate chess game across Eramon, struggling for control of the very souls of dying human empires in the wake of the Gods' vanishment.   During this time, celestial and fiendish beings walked the earth, striking pacts with mortals, defending them, tormenting them, and sometimes forming close relationships with them; when the rifts and planar instabilities caused by the Godsgate collapse began to stabilise and the portals to other planes receded, the angels and demons went with them; but their mark was left upon Eramon in the form of Aasimar, Tieflings, and Genasi. The Aasimar are the products of these unions between mortals and the entities of the Upper Planes. In their veins runs the blood of angels.   Blessed or burdened with celestial blood and a subconscious awareness of the evil and injustice in the world and people around them, many Aasimar chose to respond to this persistent calling by embracing their destiny as defenders of the innocent and foes of darkness; whilst others, resisting or resenting the call, may become embittered or even fall into evil themselves...   Since Aasimar blood, like that of the Tiefling, can lie dormant for multiple generations before suddenly manifesting, there are few actual Aasimar communities save those where individual Aasimar have sought out the company of their own. Aasimar can feel quite isolated, born as they are into other societies, and where they do trust and form bonds, those bonds run deep indeed...

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