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An underground city in eastern Wulvaral that is home to the University of Nirndohr, which is known internationally in the right circles for the discoveries of its researchers. The city is historically and predominantly Gnomish, but with a generous complement of the other races of Eramon, attracted either by the university or by the city's other primary feature: the many and varied phosphorescent minerals and substances that can be found beneath it. These minerals light a great deal of the city at large, wherever it does not brush close enough to the surface to utilize daylight.   Travelling around Nirndohr is an adventure in elevators, cable cars, zip-wires, and other such inventions, all thought at some point in the development of the city to be the future of mobility. Gadgetry abounds, and a surprising amount of upper Nirndohr is lit by daylight, thanks to a complex network of crystals and mirrors set up by students of the university. Unique species of edible fungus also grow by the phosphorescent light, giving rise to a small and excitable gastronomy scene, establishments for which pepper the city. Industry also thrives on local mineral deposits and the proliferation of gnomish inventions, making the city wealthy enough to import whatever food it cannot produce.   Alston Folkor Doublelock lived in Nirndohr for the better part of his youth (approximately 150 years) as a student and later staff member of the university.

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