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University of Nirndohr

Sprung from the eastern coastal city of Nirndohr, the University of Nirndohr enjoys a pleasant distance from the mercantile bustle of Dorn Darim, while remaining close enough to receive news of foreign discoveries and maintain a dialogue with individuals and organizations outside Wulvaral. Its academics are well known abroad because of this, sometimes even by name.   The university campus centres around a deep shaft topped with a glass-and-crystal dome, which via a series of ingenious devices supplies natural sunlight to almost the whole university. It is an incredibly comfortable space, safe from storms within the mountainside, easily controlled for temperature through gnomish inventions, and excellently suited to the unimpeded progress of learning. Its central shaft is crisscrossed with stairways and walkways (not to mention the occasional student with an ill-thought-out glider or levitation device), and visitors can easily access the various dormitories, lecture halls, laboratories, function rooms, and so on, from this central area. The campus also provides housing for all its students and faculty, with tenured staff enjoying apartments with a coveted ocean view.   Since most of the students are Gnomes, the spaces are not large, but common areas and a portion of living spaces are sized to accommodate students and visitors of all races. Wulvaral Dwarves with more of an interest in, for example, physics than history, will often study at the University of Nirndohr, and Humans, Halflings, or Half-Elves of Wulvaral may choose to study here for the comfortable surrounds and natural light as well as the academic possibilities on offer. The University's most accomplished areas of study are in science, technology, and magic, and its halls are often a-thrum with strange mechanical devices, errant arcane effects, and slightly singed looking students.   Alston Folkor Doublelock was a student and later a staff member at the University of Nirndorn in his younger years, from approximately 765-900AoM, during which time he pioneered research on the electrical conductivity of natural materials from across known Eramon, and then later on aerodynamics, in partnership with a community of Aarakocra with ties to his home town of Momeldur.   The University of Nirndohr is also home to a number of social and professional societies, some of which openly invite membership, others of which recruit covertly from amongst those on campus. The Muskrateers are faintly aware that Alston was, or is, a member of one of these societies, but, lacking knowledge of Wulvaral, have little idea what that might mean.

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