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The Bestian Grand Alliance

Situated west across the Aquan Ocean from the continent of Prenalia, Bestia is a political alliance between the peoples of the islands of Koraga in the west and Madiga in the east. While the latter island's culture has been influenced little by the events since its capital of Ion's founding in 2437KE, Koraga's trade with the Preens to the east has slowly morphed its western-most cities into something far-removed from other cities on the continent.   While Bestia fields a massive navy, mostly to protect against siege from the seas, it has no known land force to defend it. This is almost certainly because of its most famous resident and ruler, the Dying Queen Atue Marolain. It is said she has dominion over all the lands within the Grand Alliance (save for those of the Ashen Veil), and any foolish enough to invade would quickly be choked by vines and consumed by the beasts of the land itself.  

Koraga, the Embrace

Traders sailing east from Prenalia will likely ever only deal with and dock at the fortress city of Exchange, situated about seventy miles off the coast of Koraga. This city serves as a hub of trade and commerce, and hosts several inns and dens of nightly entertainment in which sea-weary crew can relax. Trade here is abundant, coins flow freely, and the Merchant's Guild of Boltare from The Gravis Grand Alliance supply the muscle needed to keep this port one of the safest on Enos.   The Gateway Canal leads by the city of the same name, allowing passage of ships through to the Bay of Koraga and destinations still further east. Koraga is a beautiful island, and like its sister Madiga has open savannah in the north that gives way to tangled jungles further south. The cities on the island are all old-stone construction, some dating back to the Age of Kings. The natives of the island each carry with them a spirit, often of an animal, that communicates with them telepathically. The land itself provides bounty to those that know how to sing to it, and the people of Koraga and Madiga both have no need for farms, instead subsisting entirely on vegetables, fruit, and carefully-stalked game.   The Ashen Veil sits on a rise at the easternmost part of Koraga, and is a realm that often shifts to and from The Grey. It is an area that most would rather not speak of, and those that do often find themselves gone from the land soon after mentioning it.  

Madiga, the Cradle

Mostly an untamed wilderness of myth and legend, Madiga hosts the Apotheothetical city of Ion, which is the oldest city still inhabited by a living population on Enos. Its structures defy architectural limits bending at odd angles, or floating in clear defiance of gravity. The dragonsteel used in most of the city's construction gives the impression that the whole city was cast from a single mold, and when the light hits the city at the right angle, the purple, green, and blue flecks inside the ancient metal reflect in a way that makes everything inside Ion look sharper, taller, and more regal.   Atue Marolain, the human Dying Queen of spirits and earth, resides in and rules from her seat in Ion's Cyclic Cathedral. She is thought to be the reason why nature gives so freely to its people and blesses them with spirits to help them through their lives. She prefers a direct style of rule, and though she is never seen outside Ion, she is known to wander its streets while seeming as another, sampling the local food and personally dealing with those that mistreat her or others with sudden and final grace.
Seal of Bestia