The Grey

A colorless reflection of the Prime Material plane, The Grey (sometimes called the Shadowfell) is a plane of cold, hungering absence. Together with The Bright (sometimes called the Feywild) the academic notion of the Twin Lensing Theory states that the two planes juxtapose and arrange themselves to together create the composite that is Enos. This theory is hotly debated in most academic circles, with detractors stating that both The Grey and its sister plane are their own wholly separate entities.  

A Dark Reflection

Every site present on Enos is also present in The Grey, but as a warped and twisted version of what it could be. Gentle mountain ranges on Enos are reflected in The Grey as jagged teeth, while placid lakes from the Material Plane are seen as swirling maelstroms of screaming souls on its darker reflection.   This is not to say there are none that make this plane their home. Blackstar, the reflection of Centurion, is the largest settlement inhabited by sentient humanoid creatures in The Grey, and is home to Caidance, the Ascended god of assassins, opportunity, and strategy. Other settlements throughout The Grey exist, each blending together the native races of the plane with those that, for often-bleak reasons, call this plane theirs.  

The Twisting of the Soul

Spending time in The Grey is known to cause severe, often fatal, cases of unyielding melancholy. Those souls that succumb to the constant blackening pressure (or hoards of roving undead) may find themselves among the army of lost, angry, or hungry - literal embodiments of their namesake warped beyond recognition.   Even if a planar explorer were to spend just a night in The Grey, there is always the ever-increasing chance that the plane leaves its mark upon their being - a Greymark that calls them back, pulling them from the Material Plane by a will of its own.   Those that perish in the near-lightless plane often find themselves wandering its features as a ghost, banshee, wraith, or other incorporeal undead, while their body is reanimated to shamble about aimlessly. This Greyblight, as it is called, means the undead make up the majority of the moving inhabitants of the plane, and make it less than an ideal vacation spot, at the very least.  

Slipping Past the Veil

As both The Grey and Enos lie on the same Ring (that being the Ring of Colors), there are naturally occurring features leading between the two. The most common happen out at sea, and are known as Shadowfall - storms of raining shadow that drag ships and their crew to the Shadowfell (hence the name.) Other natural portals exist, often found in places of darkness, death, decay, or misery.