Continent Government Ruler Capital
Archmagus Valani Salvos
Tomir's Wake

The Upper Continent

  The magocratic nation-state of Indai sits above and below the southernmost frigid continent of Valorus. A massive and perfectly-octagonal miles-wide expanse of thick ice floats half a mile in the sky, topped with a dome of magical energy emanating from the many sources that power it. The ruling class of drow, called magi, live atop this suspended continent – a group of reclusive wizards pursuing power and might through magic, no matter the cost.   They are led by the Archmagus Valani Salvos, a woman known only through her brutal and notorious reputation for having little patience for failure. Nearing two-thousand years old, the Archmagus is known to be the world's foremost authority on bleeding-edge magic research, and is rumored to have long-since transcended her mortal frame for something better.   What isn't rumor is the capital of Indai, reported by the few voyagers (as outsiders are called) that return. It is said that the crystalline spires of the city float above a crater in the upper half of the continent, with each of the spires themselves being megastructures capable of housing thousands within. The number of people in Tomir's Wake, as the capital is called, must be lower than what it can house, as the voyagers all report a lack of people on its perfectly-maintained streets and byways.   Little is known of what happens inside the Indaite dome outside of its main city, but the occasional visitor that returns speaks of a barren, near-lightless wasteland dotted with strange buildings and freakish machines. And that is those that do return. Those without a sponsor college from elsewhere in Enos that do make the Voyage south are rarely heard from again. The highly-secretive peoples of Indai have a reputation for rampant xenophobia, and have thusfar lived up to it.  

The Lower Continent

  Below the vast continent is Enos’ Underdark. An archipelago of shantytowns sits atop city-sized chucks of frozen earth and stone leashed to thick pillars of ice that descend from the sky above. Life below is far worse, but more is known of the plight of these drow, shadar-kai, and other sunlight-adverse races, as their docks are freely accessible to any voyager (as outsiders are called) that lays anchor.   Multiple islands host entire cities moored in place by eternal anchors - titanic, chained hunks of metal driven into the ice and thrown below the waves long ago. These cities are seldom places of luxury, as the upper continent keeps its riches to itself and is not keen on sharing. The frigid cold of the Underdark's expanse rarely breaks freezing, but the people tend to keep an upbeat attitude, given the circumstances.   Tellenmach, Overmarch, and Daklen's Hold are the three main capitals, each on its own island, and each representing one of the three main races of the many the lower continent harbors. Tellenmach is home to the majority of Enos' non-magi Drow, Overmarch shelters the majority of the shadar-kai, and Daklen's Hold is the settlement housing a great many of the Duergar.   Each of these races distrust the other in some way, but have a long-unspoken agreement to aid one another in any way they can. They all know the upper continent will provide no such aid, and the rest of the world tends to assume they're just as unwelcoming as their upstairs neighbors. Life is tough here, but there isn't a single Underdark native that would say so. Pride, as luck would have it, proves a source of warmth.
The Seal of Indai


The majority of the first arc of Vindictus takes place in these blasted wastes. Read the words of Aurora Alu'thar chronicling them.

Vindictus - Arc I: Indai