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Kobold Diplomacy

I think it's pretty obvious who took all these critters. But WHY?

General Summary

The aftermath of Nualia’s dark plot have taken hard work in the ancient city of Aquitaine. Storehouses have been depleted and the many uncovered dangers still are not all permanently cleared. Still, this is an important city on the continental trade routes. Her people will recover, will thrive again … unless they starve to death first.

Not only livestock have gone missing from the surrounding ranches, but also many of the draft animals used by the caravans. Citizens are now three times as busy with the work of survival. The city turns to its resident adventurers for support!

Rewards Granted

The party earned 7000 XP total, which works out to 1750 XP each for
Since the main DM loathes the "XP for each gold piece value of loot" optional rule, we're not adding any XP for that.
The following funds went into the Guild Coffer:
  • about 20 g 150 s from the junk room
  • 160 g 825 s, from Forg's private chamber
Also, the party eventually found (but we were too tired to sort out) the following items. Zhang Sephia got two treasure items already so Marcos and Miro, you get first pick of these. Whatever is left will go into the Guild's storage chest. HOPEFULLY WITH LABELS.
  • 2 potions of insect control
  • potion of invisibility to insects
  • potion bottle (grenade style) of Insect Swarm

Missions/Quests Completed

We rescued almost all the livestock, but we rescued a young lady ( we all kind know she’s probably a thief ) named Darly Quince ( who joined our name-we-can’t-agree-on Guild! ) We also had to put down the new leader of the Thistletop kobold tribe and what seemed to be all of their warriors. With all their warriors and their leader gone, the rest of the tribe may disband. There just may not be a “Thistletop Tribe” anymore.

Character(s) interacted with




  • Sheriff Belor Hemlock of Aquitaine who called upon the local young adventurers' Guild to step in
  • 2 "ambush watch" kobolds lying in wait on the surface areas of the occupied "Kobold Tower"
  • approximately 20 to 25 "kobold villagers", one of whom wore a battered but still poofy white hat and called himself "Cook Master"
  • rescued "Minstrel" Darly Quince
  • approximately 20 official "kobold warriors" of Black Rock
  • 4 giant weasels
  • 3 giant centipedes
  • Forg, Shaman and Chief of Black Skull
Report Date
25 Mar 2017

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