Churdawn (Chur-dawn)

It’s a small settlement. A new clanhouse with only a few jher that travel out from it a season. Churdawn is set to be a good place for trade. Give it enough time, it might be where a kowatek forms between the Freecities and KaraKorum.

But I still question setting up a clanhouse with the Troll Hills at its back…
Kavi ot’Maninga Sukir Arroweye, scout and leader of the Kwi’Sakdi
Churdawn is a small KaraKorum settlement, called a clanhouse, established along the northern frontier of the Troll Hills. The inhabitants are a mix of two cultures. Most are Orisnuc, but a nearly equal number are Angeshi, the latter having been ‘adopted’ into the KaraKorum empire after the fall of Angesh to Orisnuc forces.

A Quiet, Unassuming Little Place

The village was founded by Parin ot’Tohepa Losi Farwalker in Huzeb, 573. Parin was looking to establish a community that could act as a fresh start for both Orisnuc and Angeshi families. A place to leave behind the past conflict between KaraKorum and the now destroyed kingdom of Angesh.
His idea wasn’t that far-fetched. The fighting between the Angesh kingdom and the Orisnuc clans had lasted years. People on both sides, Orisnuc and Angeshi, were tired.

Many wanted a fresh start. This gave it to them.
The village of Churdawn is located at the northern edge of the Troll Hills, due north of the wide, dark expanse of the Vitari Wood. Despite being so close to that dark place with such a checkered past, the village was established. The reason for the attraction came down to location, the richness of the soil, and the abundance of Fadish grapevines.

A Hardy Folk Overcoming Hard Times

Churdawn, even though it’s five years old, has had an eventful start. The village was settled 6 years after the fall of the Iron Throne of Angesh. But it was only 2 years after Churdawn was established that the first challenge appeared.
In 575, former Angesh mercenaries and soldiers turned bandit, raiding caravans along the Warden Road and surrounding areas. Churdawn was one of their regular targets. The bandits would attack and harass the village for supplies, primarily wine, often taking more than the village could support.
This lasted until the start of 576, when a paladin of Dkar Po, one of Falcon’s Rangers, and an Orisnuc cleric of Mother Moon rallied the villages to set a trap for the bandits. The bandits were either killed or captured, ending their reign of terror. But the damage had been done.
Later that year, during the rainy months, what the locals call ‘troll season’, events took another rough turn. The village, still recovering from losses caused by the bandits, wasn’t as prepared as usual for the troll infestation. Lower population and slim resources took their toll as the trolls ransacked vineyards and a few members of Churdawn’s Torch Wardens who defend against the trolls.
Despite these troubles, Churdawn has recovered. New settlers from KaraKorum, both Orisnuc and Angeshi alike, have immigrated to the village. The vineyards, while not back in their previous healthy state, are recovering well. Some trade has even resumed with caravans, such as the Bicchieri Caravan, now including Churdawn on its wandering route.


The land in and around Churdawn is typical of the rich soil found across the Troll Hills region. A dark, peat-like soil, it’s friendly to almost any crop. But the problem farmers encounter is not the soil itself but the blue granite rocks that riddle the soil and that the least rockiest soil is on hillsides where it’s difficult to plow.
You know you’re in Churdawn when you’re traveling through rolling hills lined with colorful Fadish grapevines.
Churdawn farmers are not deterred. Using the rocks excavated from the lowland areas between hills, they assemble foundations and end posts for long trellises to support the trunk, head, and canes of the Fadish grapevines. Rows of Fadish grape trellis line the hills outside Churdawn.


Churdawn is a tough, friendly community. They aren’t hostile to outsiders, although the events of the past, such as with the bandit raids, have made them cautious. This doesn’t mean they are no less welcoming.
The village, or clanhouse, is small enough that in Orisnuc terms, it can be also considered a sauri. This is rather unusual for the Orisnuc and Angeshi since there are multiple sauri, or clanships, in most KaraKorum settlements. For the Angeshi, they are still adapting to the Orisnuc concept of ‘families working together on shared resources’.
Churdawn’s leadership is a mixed arrangement. There are a khefil, kimeta, and aireki. This would be the Orisnuc equivalent of a ‘law keeper’, ‘master blacksmith’, and ‘trade master’ respectively. There is also a small town council with a council leader.
This group of five is selected from among the Churdawn villagers to make a collective decision about the state of Churdawn and its needs. The council has members from both the Orisnuc and Angeshi peoples, allowing a voice from all sides in important matters.

Torch Wardens. More than Fighting Fires

It's an unusual idea for an unusual problem. A rather effective one, too.
In many towns and cities, a 'Fire Brigade' is a group of people who help put out fires before it could ravage a settlement. In some places, like in the Geldar Republic, this job also encompasses enforcement of local laws. In Churdawn, it takes on a special meaning.
Churdawn’s fire brigade are called Torch Wardens. The name is rooted in the volunteer group’s primary role of defending the village and its vineyards from trolls. During most of the year, this is a simple assignment. Torch lanterns, which burn with an oily scent that repels trolls, are kept lit at the outside edge of the village. A Torch Warden’s job is to maintain the lanterns. When they aren’t doing that, they are minding the local flock of fire chickens.
During the rainy portions of the year, trolls grow in large numbers and grow aggressive. Often they whittle their own numbers down as the plant-moss creatures turn on each other. But they also move into Churdawn looking for food, and they aren’t picky as to what qualifies as that.
At that time, the Torch Wardens also act as a town militia. This is a role they take seriously. All Wardens know that even if a single troll makes it through, there is a risk the troll could take literal root in the town. If that happens, one troll could easily grow to three in no time, devouring the town from the inside.
Village of Churdawn by CB Ash


Founding Date
Huzeb 10, 573
A good sized population, with up to 45 buildings in the village
Location under
Owning Organization

Demographics by Culture

  • Orisnuc (orc,goblin,human): 52%
  • Angeshi (human,halfling): 46%
  • Other: 2%

  • Natural Resources

    It can be easily said that growing Fadish grapes is one of, if not the, primary trade good for the village. Fadish grapes are grown in many other areas, but here in the Troll Hills, the grapes take on a sweeter flavor.
    Fadish grapes are grown for a variety of products, wine being the most obvious. But locals use the grapes for much more than winemaking. These plantations also grow the grapevines for table grapes, grape juice, and raisins.
    The rich soil is the obvious resource and one put to good use by the Churdawn locals. But one unexpected resource is the blue granite rocks that litter the lowlands between hills. These granite stones are noticeably stronger than other types of granite and are naturally attuned to water based magics. The latter makes it of great interest to wizards in Morodar or other cities with a well established ‘Magic District’.


    Churdawn, because of its unique location, has no common coin of its own. It can be said their ‘common coin’ is the KaraKorum bronze coin rings. But trade does come from both the north, south, and west as well. Therefore, they equally accept Freecities coins, shell coins from Copin Shire, and the trade gems from Samakar and so on.

    Cover image: Churdawn Banner by CB Ash


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