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Eldûra's Summer Camp Worldbuilding Experience & Reading Challenge


How my Summer Camp Went...

  Maybe I should have typed my world's name as 'ELDÛRA' so that the words on the certificate don't look so uneven, lol.   This Summer Camp was a lot of fun—but also stress-inducing. Time seemed to fly past me faster than a fighter jet and I can't see why. I knew I would be busy because I'm a new dog-owner, and that this month has been very busy with regards to family, but... man.   I caught myself procrastinating a few times this month, dreaming of what I will plant in my garden next year (beets, radishes, parsnips, and patty pan squash are on the list) and what tulips I want to plant this fall so I can have pretty blooms under my window in the spring.  
Then, to top it all off, we lost internet during the last week of summer camp, making uploading articles I wrote in my Mac's Pages app a slow and tedious process as my phone service slowed my data speed drastically long before I was anyway near the max data used.   All-in-all, though, this summer camp was a lot of fun and it makes me excited for next year and the challenges to come in 2023. I'm so happy with what I got to accomplish, even if I wasn't able to earn the diamond badge like I had wanted. Eldûra was able to unfurl before me in a way I know I would never have been able to accomplish on my own.   My biggest flaw is how my mind will blank when I sit down to worldbuild. Sometimes, I just need a prompt to help my inspiration flow. World Anvil has been a great help with this.

What I plan to do in the next Six Months...

First of all, I'm going to finish transcribing my Genesai language from its word document to its language article. I also want to begin fleshing out Genesai's child languages (Proto-Elven and -Dwarven, Mainirri, Old Eldonine and all the others that descend from it).
On top of that, I would like to tinker with CSS stuff. The theme I'm working with right now is gorgeous, but it scrunches the prompts together and stacks them uncomfortably at the bottom of the article. I've seen many awesome article layouts during Summer Camp, and I'm extremely excited to finally follow along with the Youtube videos I've found on the topic and finally make up a format that will fit my world!

Prompt 1: An organization dedicated to keeping a major secret from the public

This was a prompt that I wished I had had a chance to write, but the end of the month came before I could brainstorm for it, lol. Imma still going to make up such an organization (it's a refreshing take on esoteric organizations like the ones in real life (Illuminati/upper echelons of the Masons, etc.), which aren't there to protect us from anything...).
☁︎ ✧ ☁︎

    The Veiled Repository by Wulvenfire

  This is a very interesting concept! I like how this group is in the shadows, protecting the world in their duties... but what they protect the world from is... probably something that people should know. Eh, but that is why there needs to be organizations like this, because worlds can't be perfect. I read several of the articles attached to this one, and I have to say their world is very intriguing. Ever since reading of the living stars of Narnia, I've been intrigued by celestial bodies that are more than just hunks of rock or balls of gas. Wulvenfire's world has a lot of great potential.    

Eclipsed Hand by TheMrBeasley

  This is a well-thought-out article, with a lot of information for an organization that is so well-hidden from the people of Rolara. The image of the organization's emblem is a nice touch, something I could hardly dream of having for any of mine (ideas are still only on the drawing board, haha). The tone of the article sounds as if someone is telling a story, conveying the needed information in a way that kept my eyes glued to the screen. The Empress is in good hands :D I have questions, though: why are they trying to hide an elvish settlement from the knowledge of the common folk? Is their magic too dangerous for them to know?    

Riftwatchers by BardoftheRift

  This is a really interesting concept. The fact that the good and the bad have to work together if they're chosen brings a little smile to my face. Both alignments are probably "aw, heck no" when they're first chosen. But: one question: what if someone drags themselves into The Rusty Tassel and they absolutely cannot get them to leave? Like, they're too tired to care that the place is a dive bar? We don't see enough of these protect-the-fantasy-world-from-extra-world/outer-space-threats.  

Prompt 2: A resource that provides fuel or power

    I did get to write an article for this one! Inspired by the Geomarrow of Honkai: Star Impact, I created the material Thermal Corite! I enjoyed writing it and thus that is why it might contain a bit more information than some of my other articles. I hope to learn to draw crystals so I can draw a picture of it sometime.
☁︎ ✧ ☁︎

Celestial Lumina by Monzoobo

This is an interesting material. Not only is it a power source, it is also a forging material! I like how it is hard to get because of its location and because it is well-guarded. I have to wonder how you are supposed to make a crystal malleable, tho, so you can shape it... Does it melt like salt and then reform? Well, it does come from a magical place... This was a great article and I enjoyed reading it! :D

Aurorite by It's Moro!

This is a neat material! I would love to have a large jar or vase of Aurorite that I'd have sitting on the windowsill of a bay window, or on a mantle where I can occasionally shake it and enjoy the shimmering colours. I like that this mineral is like that blue algae in... is it California...? that glows when agitated. It also reminds me of pumice. I liked this article :D

This: this is something I haven't seen in fantasy yet. I've seen bad guys discover gunpowder, like in Lord of the Rings (come on, we all know that's what Saruman created for the bomb) or C.J. Davis' Accidental Traveler trilogy*, but I've yet to see fantasy handle radiation. Though 'radiation' is never outright stated in this, the way people get sick if they're around the source for too long points to exactly what it is—and I love it!


Prompt 3: A rare natural phenomenon that most people look forward to

I didn't get to try this prompt either, but it is something I would like to explore. Unfortunately, when I try to think of something I draw a blank right now. Bummer :(
☁︎ ✧ ☁︎

The Glowing Coast by Satrium

This article casts a wonderful image inside my head. Though I probably wouldn't be able to stand outside during the massive release of spores because of my allergies, haha. I like the voice that carried through this article, and the quote at the top is a nice touch :D Great article!

Celestial Cascade by momococa

Man, I wish we could see such gorgeous northern lights in the real world. I wonder what this gorgeous display would look like if someone in momococa's world had a camera and took a long-exposure picture. If I lived in such a place, I would check the sky every night just so I wouldn't miss it. It was a great read.

The Visiting Moons by Brickosaur

I love anything to do about cats. Despite their aloofness, they're not all that aloof since they can't express emotions like we can. I like this article because the thought of a giant space cat that just likes to watch the world down below and hang out with his mate. It's quite endearing :D I have a feeling that I've seen this idea in a Tumblr post pinned to Pinterest—but, even so, the idea has blossomed in this article!

These are only some of the articles I enjoyed reading! Summer Camp 2023 was a lot of fun and all the prompts really got me thinking. It makes me look forward to all the challenges that are coming in the future. Thanks to WorldAnvil, Janet and Dimitris for this wonderful site!

*(Despite the reviews, the Accidental Traveler IS a good trilogy because the author DOES stick to the rules he laid out and the main character is polite and courteous and, which made him seem wimpy somehow???).


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