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The Riftwatchers are a guild of people that protect Malgrave from extraplanar threats. They are primarily located in Kaltose.   They are the secret guardians of the realm of Malgrave, tasked by all gods of all denominations to keep outside forces from destroying the world.


The Riftwatchers have no uniformity to them. Their races, cultures, abilities and dispositions span all known to the civilized and even uncivilized parts of Malgrave. Their alignments range from the most virtuous of good to even the most vile of evil. What unifies them in a singular goal is to keep powerful beings from other planes from destroying Malgrave. On their body somewhere is a mark branded on them by the gods of an eye with a swirling vortex instead of an iris and pupil. Once marked, each member becomes ageless, maintaining their pique physical condition from that point on, making them semi-immortal.


Most Riftwatchers are spread out across the world, working individually or in small groups. There are only a few places that they gather in their entirety, either meeting places to discuss major issues or monuments and sites to honor fallen members.
  • The Rusty Tassel: A dive bar in Kaltose used as their secret meeting place. The bar is a front, set to be dingy to discourage visitors unaware of their secrets.
  • The Forsaken Desert : Site of The Battle of Crimson Fall.
  • Hall of Remembrance: An underground monument to all fallen Riftwatchers.

Notable People

  • Danella the Reaper: A lesser idol of death. Leader at the beginning of the Age of Tranquility
  • Sir Lance Colburn: Developed Oath of the Watchers and founded the Order of the Silver Lance to help fight extraplanar beings.


At the beginning of the Age of Intelligence, all gods agreed that none would have domain over Malgrave, lest they recreate the Reclamation War. They found the most religiously neutral person in Malgrave and offered for her to lead a team that would protect Malgrave in their stead. Her name was Amelia DeGariel. While originally posed as a means to prevent fiends and rampaging elementals from destroying the world, their purpose also extends to stopping the invasion of the gods as well. Each god has secretly admitted they fear there are several that would wish to begin a purge anew and have asked the Riftwatchers to prevent intervention from them as well. The burden all Riftwatchers share became watching out for any signs and mobilizing against all planes which was then extended to the Celestial Plane.   They have been active through all ages after the end of the Reclamation War. Several unspoken battles have been fought across time, led by Amelia the Crimson until her death by the hands of a traitor during the Battle of Crimson Fall. They disbanded for nearly one thousand years before a small group of adventurers were set on the task of collecting the pieces of the broken Ceresc Seal. Bringing together the remaining Riftwatchers, the group reformed, stopping an invasion from the Abyss with the aide of these adventurers, inducting them into their ranks. They became organized again, making an effort to replenish their numbers and fulfill their duties.
Organization Type
Defensive (secret)
  Active Members
Avg. 50-100
  Known Members
Amelia the Crimson
Sir Lance Colburn
Danella the Reaper
Yumbrel the Rainbow Rogue


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Aug 19, 2023 17:55

This is a really interesting concept. The fact that the good and the bad have to work together if they're chosen brings a little smile to my face. Both alignments are probably "aw, heck no" when they're first chosen. But: one question: what if someone drags themselves into The Rusty Tassel and they absolutely cannot get them to leave? Like, they're too tired to care that the place is a dive bar? :3 I enjoyed reading this, good job!

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Well in this case, it turns into the base of a plot hook that starts a campaign of adventures! It was the first campaign I ever ran and took my players from level 1-20. I've run it twice now with two different groups. ^^ Thank you for reading it, and I'm thrilled you like the idea!