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What the most knowledgeable practitioners of magic in Malgrave have been able to deduce about the creation of this world is that their universe was created at a junction of leylines between all other planes of existence. As the elements collided with each other at this junction, their motion was halted enough to leave behind larger and larger traces until it became large enough to form a new plane of existence.   The first inhabitants of Malgrave were those from other worlds who had been caught up in elemental disasters of their own world, swallowed by whatever elemental plane was trying to draw part of the world back into itself. Somehow surviving the journey and impacting on Malgrave as the elements passed through to their own plane. People forever lost at sea, those missing after a tornado or hurricane, someone missing after an earthquake, a person who left no trace after being caught in a fire, these people were often said to be those claimed by the elements and a lucky few of them survived by making it to this new plane of existence. Others still were wizards and sorcerers of worlds with magic who failed a planar shift spell or didn’t correctly inscribe their teleportation circles. Far flung from their home and intended destination, they also ended up on Malgrave.   Many of these people were those who seemed to defy the will of nature and the gods, and so they left Malgrave alone, letting these mortals perish on a world constantly in flux and volatile. Making it to Malgrave was not long lived in its early creation and most died shortly after their arrival. Thus the naming of Malgrave by the gods. The Grave of Malcontents.   But there were those from every world, magic or not, that endured. The few that survived the journey and the fewer still that persevered in the face of the constant danger and roiling elements managed to make a place for themselves, lives and homes that weren’t so easily broken. They did not tame Malgrave, but became as wild as their home. The first children born to Malgrave had begun to populate the world.   The first to catch the scent of this new development were not the gods, content to ignore Malgrave as they had. It was the Hells and the Abyss. Devils and Demons poured in in droves, eager to corrupt the abandoned people and take over this strange and exciting new plane. The kinder gods tried to intervene, but their forces alone were not enough to undo the damage that had been done. They called forth all the gods, pleading they give the people strength for those that were good and those that were evil were begged to keep their abominations in line. This sparked the first true war of Malgrave. Seeing that the people had adapted and survived, many regretted the neglect they had shown towards a people that truly needed their help. Others wished to move in and expand their dominion and gather more followers. The celestials fought each other, they fought the demons, they fought the devils, they even fought the mortals that wished to be left alone as they had made their own way already. The ever shifting, ever bombarded plane now ran red, black and silver with blood as war waged between them. Only when they realized that they were about to destroy Malgrave altogether did the gods stop their fighting. Agreeing that no one would have dominion if there were no people to proclaim their faith, all gods of all alignments agreed to make a pact to continue to leave Malgrave alone and only offering assistance to those that prayed to them. Together they created the Ceresc Seal and placed it at Malgrave’s core, stabilizing the plane enough to make the impact of the passing elements through the leylines less noticeable and volatile for the inhabitants of the world.   It is still said that all planes flow through Malgrave with significant enough force to have an altering effect on people. Despite whatever world their ancestry may have come from, or even if they are from a completely different world, the people of Malgrave are all affected. Many gain control over the elements, and all find that they are capable of learning magic. Some feel more strength in mind or body than others, letting them accomplish great feats unheard of in other realms. A world where anyone can become a hero if given the chance.   Welcome to Malgrave.   With my years of experience with this game, there has been no greater joy than creating epic stories and wonderful memories with my friends. These are some of the things in my life that I treasure the most and my only wish is to keep improving.   Malgrave had originally started as a project for myself around 20 years ago as a way for me to feel like I could get my creativity out there and to share it with the people I cared about. Over time, it became so much more than that. It wasn't just a place to share a tale, but a place where my friends could be heroes in a world that they helped shape, a place where goals could be accomplished and days could be won. I realized that these weren't just my stories anymore and I began to shift my focus to my players, making sure as best I could to let them accomplish what they wanted to with their characters.   It is amazing how much change and improvement someone can make with the right people in their lives and I must say that there are none in my life that have done so for me more than my current table. I could not be the person I am today without your love and support.   From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.