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The Veiled Repository


The Veiled Repository is a clandestine organization within the world of Teralt, dedicated to protecting the profound secret of Teralt's Worldsoul, Andromeda, and the mysterious appearance of the Gaeans on Teralt.   The Veiled Repository was founded with the mission to safeguard the knowledge of Andromeda, the child of Gaea, and the existence of the Gaeans, whose appearances on Teralt invariably bring chaos and change. The secret also includes the existence of the Aethanaeum, an ethereal library containing universal knowledge. Members of the Veiled Repository are sworn to silence, rigorously trained to protect and, if necessary, suppress this knowledge from the world.

The Secret

  • Andromeda: Teralt's Worldsoul, known as Andromeda, is a powerful being, the child of Gaea, the mightiest of the Worldsouls.
  • Gaeans: The Gaeans, the human children of Gaea, often appear on Teralt due to the existence of the Aethanaeum, and their presence invariably leads to chaos and transformation.
  • Aethanaeum: An ethereal library that holds everything known in the universe, its doors mysteriously appear on both Earth and Teralt, allowing individuals to enter and learn.


The structure of the Veiled Repository revolves around the Keeper and the Custodians:
  • Keeper: The primary guardian of the entire secret, elected after the death of the previous Keeper.
  • Custodians: The direct subordinates of the Keeper, guardians entrusted with portions of the secret.
  Upon the election of a new Keeper, each Custodian must meet individually with the newly elected Keeper and convey their portion of the secret, ensuring continuity and integrity.


The headquarters of the Veiled Repository is hidden, housing vast archives related to Andromeda, the Gaeans, and the Aethanaeum.


The Repository's activities include preservation, research, surveillance, and intervention to safeguard the secret.


Membership is selective, with recruits undergoing extensive training and swearing an oath of secrecy.

Controversies and Criticisms

The existence and mission of the Veiled Repository are subjects of debate, with some arguing that withholding such knowledge is undemocratic.


The Veiled Repository continues its mission, symbolizing the complex relationship between knowledge, power, and secrecy in Teralt, and stands as a reminder of the lengths some will go to protect their world from perceived threats. The secrets they guard are entwined with the very fabric of Teralt's existence, and the organization's commitment to its mission is as unyielding as the mysteries they protect.
Secret, Brotherhood

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Aug 3, 2023 19:51 by Zero Sum Games

I really like this concept, and I hope you will continue to develop it. Who are the Gaeans? Are they humans or something else? What kind of chaos and transformation do they cause on Teralt? Wars? Ecological disasters or changes? Pandemics? It seems like there are myriad opportunities for some cool stories to come from this idea!

Aug 3, 2023 22:01 by Chase

I could probably make that clearer within the article itself. Gaeans are humans from Earth, as they are humans made by Gaea and are purer than humans born on Teralt. I will expand on the chaos they cause when I flesh out Mordred article, as it seems to be a stub at the moment despite my extensive Mordred lore. Actually, all of the Gaeans are stubs at the moment... I should address that.