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The visiting moons

[Prompt: A rare natural phenomenon that most people look forward to]   On Olua, the moons aren't moons. Many of her regions see no sky-objects, save for the cnidarian nightglows passing by. But one lucky line segment between the Fractal Ocean and Moonsville is occasionally graced by twin moons, the eyes of a god.   The Moon Cat is native to, well, probably somewhere else. Cats did not evolve on Olua. The going theory is Earth, though something else would have to account for incredible growth, as earth conditions could never support his kaiju proportions.   Wherever he came from, he's here now, and a treasure to the Oluan oceans. This cat took the concept of white, reflective eyes and ran with it. During the night months, this feline deity's eyes glow and create twin beacons for all who look up to him. On a planet which has heard so many loving stories of beautiful white moons, but never possessed such a sister itself, seeing those eye-moons is spirit's balm.   The moons are not always visible, even in winter. Often, the Moon Cat will go home to Moonsville (named for him, of course) and his mate, the Storm Cat who crouches over the city, the source of perpetual rain. The bonded pair will curl and sleep together for breaths on end, emerging only when and how the cats see fit. When the Moon Cat does finally wake and return to us mortals, his eyes appear, round and conspicuous, on horizon or in sky. It is cause for the greatest of celebrations. Our lovely seer is back!   Though most Oluans would have no rreason to know, the Moon Cat's eyes actually glow much brighter than the "real" moon. Where Earth's satellite merely reflects the faraway sun, the Moon Cat's eyes shine on their own power. As such, he can use them as large-scale flashlights to light little beings' paths. He often does, giving special attention to sailors and anyone for whom darkness means peril. Wherever the Moon Cat's double beams land, Oluans pay attention and take note. Some eye-resting spots become sacred spaces.   If you were to ask him, the Moon Cat would admit he's rather embarrassed at all the attention. But he takes it in good humor.

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Aug 23, 2023 17:35

I love anything to do about cats. Despite their aloofness, they're not all that aloof since they can't express emotions like we can. I like this article because the thought of a giant space cat that just likes to watch the world down below and hang out with his mate. It's quite endearing :D Great job!