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Amongst the ruins of a Sorcerer Queen's tyrannical rule, the continent of Aegéfaer has recovered much from the damage she inflicted. A wise and fair king rules upon the throne of Talnor, a kingdom that dwarfs its neighbours and is looked upon poorly by those it wronged in the past.   Yet, while all things seem calm and safe on the surface... darkness lurks in the shadows and behind closed doors. Nobles of the Court of the Hearth whisper treacherous words and yearn for darker days when they had all the power they could hope for.

Behind every story, myth, and legend, there is a kernel of truth...   In the deepest depths of the Athenaeum, the largest known library in Eldûra, there's a book, an old and disintigrating tome can be found—if one knows what to look for. Written by someone known as "The Steward", it describes a close connection Eldûra shares with another world. An older world.   The book whispers secrets that only the master of the Starbound Observatory and the Creator would know.   Almura was the first, Eldûra the second.   And the walls between the worlds can be thin in places...