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On the shores near Cape Zaffre, "Aurorite" is a common but altogether a remarkable crystal that possesses unique properties related to the enchanting aurora and its luminescent glow.  

Aurorite: Dancing Lights and Coastal Delight

As dusk falls and the sun sets beyond the horizon, the beaches of Cape Zaffre become adorned with the magical dance of the Aurorite. Aurorite, even when ground into fine sand, glows when "agitated" - whether stepped on as someone walks along the shore, when tumbling along the waves, or when someone swims within its waters.   Visitors and locals alike marvel at the beautiful display as the sand glows in harmony with the soft sound of lapping waves. Children play games, trying to create intricate patterns with their footsteps, while others build mesmerizing sculptures that seem to come alive with the crystal's soft glow.  

Origins and Formation

Aurorite is a rare crystal found deep within the ocean's depths of Cape Zaffre. It is formed through a fascinating process, beginning as a dense mineral imbued with the essence of the aurora. Over time, due to the mysterious combination of natural forces and magical energy, the crystal develops pockets of air within its structure. These air pockets cause it to become buoyant, allowing it to rise to the water's surface when the conditions are right.  

Brittle Nature and Floating Abilities

The presence of air pockets within Aurorite renders it slightly brittle compared to other crystals. While this may seem like a disadvantage, it is, in fact, a unique characteristic that contributes to its extraordinary ability to float. When Aurorite eventually detaches from the ocean floor or breaks free from rocky formations, its buoyancy allows it to gracefully rise to the water's surface, where it captures the shimmering light of the sun and the aurora borealis.   A common resulting coastal activity, often in the summer time when the waves are much more frequent, is Wave Walking, where the act of balancing and moving on the waves becomes possible.  

Magical Fuel and Uses

The Luminauts of Cape Zaffre cherish Aurorite for its magical properties, as it acts as ready fuel for any magical spell. As well, due to the nature of the glow it gives off when it is agitated, it is also used in lamp-posts, where instead of electicity running through it, it is functionally a pump with air and water used to jostle an amount of granular Aurorite to light up the streets of Cape Zaffre.   They also use the crystal for various enchantments, imbuing it with protective spells or utilizing it in rituals to connect with the aurora's mystical energies. In the hands of skilled artisans, Aurorite is shaped into delicate jewelry and decorative objects that radiate its enchanting light.


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Aug 2, 2023 19:27 by Harlen Ogni

I love how polished the text is as much as I love the idea of a whole beach to walk along with aurorite sparkling at every step, it'd be magical

Aug 19, 2023 20:13 by Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia

I like that your material is a crystal that floats! Very intriging

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Aug 20, 2023 20:43

This is a neat material! I would love to have a large jar or vase of Aurorite that I'd have sitting on the windowsill of a bay window, or on a mantle where I can occasionally shake it and enjoy the shimmering colours. I like that this mineral is like that blue algae in... is it California...? that glows when agitated. It reminds me of pumice, which also floats. Great article!