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Traktat Of Maned

The Traktat of Maned, written in the year 1295 is the main decree by Erzzeuge Johannes Greenweid which declares the rindependence of the church of Caramiza from the main deity Apac and instead declares their fellowship for Maned.   Within the document, Greenwied argues the better fit of Maned as the god of craftsmanship anf trade to the hard-working people of Caramiza. The main argument made the point, that the people of Caramiza are not simply led by the word of a god, but led to better themselves through hard and honest work. He decried the practice of some churches, to expect obedience and unthinking fellowship from their flock.  
Greenwied brings up philosophical points about free will and self developement, that have been way ahead of its time. In some passages, it feels as if Sabes or Gazezu have guided his words, opening up the suspicion of a possible schism, however slightly, in the Great Pantheon itself at that time.
— Excerptfrom "Development of the Church in Caramiza
A critical Reflection"
  There are at least four different version of this decree. Greenwied reportedly altered these copies accoridng to their reciepients. One was designated for the current Erzzeuge of Apac's church in Caramiza, one for the Erzzeuge of Gazezu , who acted as a mediator in subequent negotiations, one to Gustav Freythorn II regent of the time, and one for the archives of the church of Maned.
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