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Mannedfolk is the name of a regularly mentioned type of creature from Caramizian fairytales. Recent discoveries in the Ukanten Ruined City suggest they are in fact the people from the Lost Ukanten Civilization that apperently had disappeared centuries ago.   Depictions in the Jewelstone Deeps show them with a very different physique than humans, a shorter, more sturdy build with large musceled arms. They seem to match many descriptions in fairy tales, where they are also often described as wearing long, bushy beards and being often clad in metal.  

In Folklore and Fiction

Mannedfolk are a recurrion element of many fairytales in Caramiza. They are often mentioned in many tales of old heroics and are featured both on the side of allies as well as dangerous and persistent enemies of heroes.   They are regularly described as greedy and sometimes simple in their attempts to trick people. When appearing as a single character, they usually take on the role bad guys trying to con or trick someone off their money or valuables or trying to sell them dubious and worthless artifacts.   At the same time many stories depicit them as masterful craftsman and proud of their work. Most mythical and magical artifacts mentioned in fairy tales have allegedly been crafted by a Mannedfolken master craftsman. Other tsories emphasize the deep loyalty Mannedfolk can display towards their friends or rulers. Multiple heroic tales have the hero survive thanks to a sacrifice of a loyal mannedfolken companion.   They are known to brew and enjoy strong beer and apparently have been the creator of Greamski. Mannedfolk are often associated with drinking too much alcohol.  

In Daily life

Many people in the area east of the ukanten mountains claim to have mannedfolk ancestors.   Mannedfolk is sometimes used as a derogatory term when someone is small of height. also a slang word for the nations west of the Ukanten Mountains.  

Ukanten Ruins

  Recent discovery suggest the Mannedfolk are the ancient race that made up the Lost Ukanten Civilization   Many depictions in the ruins, especially at the Wall of Lost Knowledge in Jewelstone Deeps show the people woring and crafting. One of the few decipherable words in the enscriptions is in fact "Mannedfolk".


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