Wall of Lost Knowledge

The Wall of Lost Knowledge is a large wall segment found in the Jewelstone Deeps, covered in many descriptions and depictions of alchemical processes and recipies. It is speculated, that the wall is part of a giant alchemical workshop located in the city. As such, it is assumed it contains recpipies and instructions for the people who had worked in this workshop so many years ago.   The wall conists of a hardened stone - it looks like sandstone but is almost impossible to break with a steel chisel. It is unknown, how the original engravings were etched into the wall. Many etchings are inlaid with alloys. It is yet unclear what type of alloys were used, but there are three distinct colors used: a dark grey, a dark red and a bright blue.   The wall itself is surprisingly large in dimensions, spanning up to 30 meters to the sides and is four meters high. There are two engraved lines running from side to side. SOme have speculated this was a type of guide system for stairs, to reach the higher areas.   It uses Ancient Shortrunes as well as some graphical schemata to depicture superchemical, alchemical and artificial processes that have so far been unknwon to the Alchemists and Superchemists of Caramiza. As a result, multiple groups fro academies around the nations have organized travels into the Ukanten Mountains to study this amazing monument to knowledge and ancient engineering.   Many of the depicitions are still undeciphered and multiple steps seem to be impossible with today's logic.   Several descriptions have symbols large enough to be recognizable from the other side of the workshop it is placed in. Other descriptions around these central markings are much smaller and need closer inspection to be decipherable.


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