Jewelstone Deeps

The Jewelstone Deeps are the name given by the explorers of the Ukanten-Reetmayer Expedition for a larger sub-settlement of the Ukanten Ruined City hidden deep within the Ukanten Mountains. It stretches along several smnaller canyons and a larger cave system just north of the main settlement.   As with all ruins in the area, the architecture is remarkably strange, sturdy and small. The buildings are build with simple shapes with a clear focus on efficiency.Yet they do not lack decoartion in form of engraving and inset metal details.   The settlement itself consists of a ring of apparent workshops, fully equipped with forges, smitheries and artificing stations with sometimes unclear purpose. The largest workshop is situated directly beneath the Emerald Lavafall and contains the awe-inspiring Wall of Lost Knowledge.   The walls of the cave, especially around the Emerald lavafall are covered with jewels. The placement seems to follow certain patterns and it is yet unclear, if the formation ist intentional or caused by a complex flow of magical energy in this area, as Gustav Federlauf is claiming.   Despite being located within a colder climate, the whole settlement has a mild climate and many plants are growing in the area. Behind the workshops, in smaller, artifical caves are several hot springs. The expedition has found multiple channels set into the rock face to guide both water and lava in a clever heating system around the whole settlement.   One central building seem to have been a former temple. Interestingly, the symbols suggest this having been a temple dedicated to Maned, but many symbols and depicitions are off. For example Maned ist depicted much smaller than usual and his symbols seem to be simpler on purpose - considering the ability of very intricate runes carved around it.   The symbol of Maned is almost omnipresent through the settlement, often in combination with the apparent name the people living here had given to themselves: the Mannedfolk.

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