Greamski is the name of an alcoholic beverage, made from a local grain from Grinetun. The beverage has slight golden color and a very distinctive, sweet smell. Easily produced by distilling the fermented grains, it is a popular drink by the relatively simpler people of Grinetun.   However, the drink has become popular in Caramiza and especially the richer parts of society enjoy these drinks during their social events. While it is traditionally drunk neat, without additional ice or water, the Caramizians usually enjoy their Greamski as part of a mixture of creative cocktails, especially at the beaches of the summer-residence town Wassersteyn.   The demand for Greamski has caused multiple distilleries to appear in Grinetun, which is starting to develop into a busy industry. However, there has been some low-grade Greamski in circulation, which not only tastes worse but has been poisoning the consumers.


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