Lost Ukanten Civilization

The Lost Ukanten Civilization is the name of the mysterious ethnicity that inhabited the Ukanten Ruined City. Not much is known of them, as their whole society seem to have been estroyed by the same cataclysmic event that created the Ukanten Valley - which is usually attributed to the defeat of the evil god Zecod. Their recent discovery have prompted a wave of fascination with this culture among the wealthy and educated within Caramiza as well as deep interest for the technical advancements of the civilization among some industrial leadership.   The lost civilization used Ancient Shortrunes in their writing. As the runes show some similarities to current scripture, deciphering their language has progressed quickly so far. It became apparent almost immediately that these people were highly advanced in mechanical and magomechanical concepts as well as mixing metals with the help of magic into exceptional alloys. It is already becoming a trend among the scientific community to use words of this culture for their scientific notes.   Many technical sketches and metal alloying recipies are found within the remnants of the culture. Companies pay large sums for expeditions to retrieve such wealth of knowledge. The Whitesteel Inc has already deployed several of their own expedition into the Ukanten Mountains.   Additionally, the wealtyh and educated are highly interested in art produced within this culture. Their art is etched into metal plates, which fits well to the Caramizian trend of displaying objects of metal almost everywhere.   Curiously, the depictions of the inhabitants display odd proportions of their people. Several images show them next to the deity Maned but display them way larger than is common in today's art. The ruins themselves seem to be build for people with a smaller average height than today's people, leading some to propose an increase in growth over the centuries.
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