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"I once journeyed with a tabaxi woman, those eyes never missed a thing. From a dilated pupil to a drop of blood on a sleeve, she always discovered the overlooked." -Queen Rosalind Avon, 904, 4th Cycle
Sleek and agile, tabaxi have roamed the world for thousands of years. Older tabaxis will settle down in a town or village to serve as a skilled craftsman or worker, but younger ones have a restless spirit that drives them around the world in search of new sights and experiences. No tabaxi homeland exists like for elves or humans, but tabaxis have a way of turning whatever town they grow fond of into a home.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

While most tabaxi are feline in nature, a small percentage of tabaxis are more canine in appearance and temperament.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • The half-elf kingdom of Despero holds the largest population of tabaxi in the world, large communities of them existing in cities like Havre and Majeure. Many of these tabaxis have become skilled artisans, like former adventurer Genevieve Jaun who invented glamerweave in 905.
  • Many nomadic bands of tabaxis travel through the Campanel Desert and Northern Territories, serving as entertainers and tradesmen in every village they pass through. Following routes that take years to complete, a the arrival of a tabaxi caravan will be the talk of a small village for months.
  • Apart from Despero tabaxis are hard to find in many of the nations of Southern Pescat and Liat. Towns like Hedgpeth in Sardivelia and Oakengaard in Gameth contain significant populations of tabaxis, but most tabaxi in these regions travel in small bands to work as migrant laborers or mercenaries.
85 yrs.
Geographic Distribution
Proliferation: Rare   Stats/Rules: Volo's


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