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Genevieve Jaun

Genevieve spent her early years apprenticing under a guild artisan as a jeweler, but the mundane life of buying and selling fine jewels to lazy nobility didn't do it for her. After coming across the arcane lore of the druidic lifestyle, she decided to abandon her guild and start life as an adventurer. She established Team Jellicle with Erevan and Rosalind Avon in Havre in 897, and she dreamt of finding a gem she can name after herself. After a couple of freelance gigs she decided to retire from the adventuring life and transition into a career in fashion, experimenting with an enchanted form of eveningwear known as glamorweave. Her designs have become some of the most popular styles in Despero but she's struggled to branch out into international markets like Sardivelia and Rakka due to longstanding rivalries with designers there.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Druid
Current Location
Year of Birth
875 56 Years old
Aligned Organization


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