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Team Jellicle

A band of small-time adventurers that operated out of the half-elf kingdom of Despero for several months in the year 897 of the 4th Cycle.


Erevan the high elf wizard, Genevieve the tabaxi druid, and Rosalind the high elf paladin inadvertently applied for the same quest and began adventuring together in early 897. Their journeys took them to the desert city of Anthep to rescue a young duke from the clutches of a yuan-ti malison. The group did odd jobs around the Desperan countryside, but when Rosalind returned to her home to become the new Queen of the Elflands the party fell apart not long after: Genevieve became a fashionista and Erevan continued his itinerant travels with a different group of adventurers.

Jellicle Cats Come Out Tonight, Jellicle Cats Come One Come All

897 - 898

Adventuring Party
Notable Members


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