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A wizard adventurer eager to travel the world and sample beers from every nation.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Wizard, College of Abjuration

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Erevan grew up in the historic woodlands of the Elflands Empire, studying the arcane arts from an early age and showing a remarkable level of skill. When the time he reached adulthood it became clear that Erevan would be expected to join the imperial guard and spend decades studying spells for his homeland, he decided instead to travel the world as a freelance adventurer and studying whatever filled him with passion. For a few months he worked in Havre as part of Team Jellicle, helping to rescue kidnapped nobles and defeating fey monsters until the group fell disbanded in 897.    Rather than returning to his homeland like many elves did after the Treaty of Iverburg, Erevan continued on his world tour and spent several years tasting craft beers in the Northern Territories. One day he befriended a human adventurer by the name of Godfrey, and together the two of them agreed to take on some contracts in the Free State of Thorvald to deal with monsters terrorizing the villages there.
Current Location
Year of Birth
747 184 Years old
Other Affiliations


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