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HHI Session 25: Drinking Buddies

General Summary

Month 6, Week 1, Year 908
The three days of sailing towards Kori were thankfully less eventful than the week spent in Sanjuro City. The only thing out of the ordinary was when a fairy named Saphira Mae appeared near the ship, content to hang around near Ithilwen and bother Mavis. The ship was much quieter without Log or Kiros.    Upon docking in Kori a couple of guards inspected The Minnow for any murderers, explaining how the city had been plagued by killings for the past couple weeks. Since it would take the rest of the week for their ship to pass through the canals, the Seeking Scorpions decided to stick around in town and investigate the killings for themselves. To help with their efforts they recruited Siegfried Windspear, a mysterious paladin from the far-off kingdom of Gameth  That night the party learned several things about the murders:
  • They happened every three nights
  • Four people had been killed, starting with the town's captain of the guard
  • A merchant had also been killed, their collection of magic items stolen
  • Tomorrow would be three nights since the last murder
Ownka and the others tried to get the town guard to help them with the investigation, but the law enforcement here was nothing compared to the regimented forces of Sanjuro City. The new captain of the guard, a dwarf named Katashi, proved to be a better card player than officer of the law. Many of the guards were quick to blame the recent influx of grung for the killings, refugees from the wildfires ravaging the Lotan Conservation. A closer study of the victims showed severe wounds from a large and heavy weapon like a greatsword, something that a grung couldn't easily carry or own without drawing some attention.    The party had a lot of clues to follow, and tomorrow night they would follow Cpt. Katashi on a patrol of Kori to search for the killer.

Rewards Granted

Character(s) interacted with

  • Maiko and Sora - the two sailors hired by the Seeking Scorpions to take care of The Minnow
  • Saphira Mae - a mysterious fairy the party discovered near their ship
  • Cpt. Daisuke/Katashi - the dwarven captain of the guard in the town of Kori. He apparently has two different names he goes by depending on how drunk he is. 
Report Date
13 Feb 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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