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Azzakh the Pious XIX

High Chancellor

A former male black dragonborn leader of Melusine in the Northern Territories, 861 - 922. Appointed as High Chancellor of the Temple of Zekro at the age of 28, he led a years-long purge of the kingdom to eliminate all unfaithful priests and political rivals that gave him unprecedented powers to rule and lead the kingdom. For years he ruthlessly enforced Melusine's universal conscription laws, with some outside observers fearing another era of hostile wars from Melusine. In his final decade of leadership, those fears became grounded in reality with Azzakh condemning kingdoms like Oda Clan for harboring Melusine deserters.   In 919 representatives from his government attended Kyoko Hara's international conference and voted in support of the formation of the Northern Union, but the treaty has yet to be officially ratified by Azzakh. The Union in its fledgling years has lacked the military power to pressure Melusine's compliance, in the meantime theories abound that Azzakh's government has been supporting rabblerousing groups like the Knights of Rarita from the shadows to continue sowing unrest throughout the region. Even after his death in 922, his successor Pyxrin the Devout has proven to be another headache for Kyoko's vision of a new regime in the Northern Territories.
Current Location
833 922 89 years old
Place of Death
Died of old age
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations


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