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Six Towers



Six Towers District Traits

Security & SafetyO
Criminal InfluenceOO
Occult InfluenceOOO
The many empty buildings and abandoned properties make this district a perfect location for a hidden scoundrel’s lair.   This formerly prestigious district has faded over the centuries into a pale shadow of what it once was. The eponymous six towers were originally the grand residences of Doskvol’s first noble families. All but two (Bowmore House and Rowan House) have been sold off and converted into cheap apartments or fallen into ruin and abandoned. The district has an empty, haunted feel, with many sprawling old buildings dark without power, broad stone streets cracked and buckled, and the fires of squatters crackling from overgrown lots.  


Rowan House 
Mistshore Park 
Scurlock Manor 
Arms of the Weeping Lady 


Bits of trash, blown by a cold wind, skitter across empty streets, illuminated only by a few still-working street lamps and the campfires of squatters. The shutters and doors of abandoned buildings moan, creak, and bang in a haunted chorus. Residents hustle by, heads down, clutching spiritbane charms close to their breasts.


Broad stone avenues, cracked and broken, dark without power; overgrown and neglected.


Palatial estates, tumbled into disrepair. Grand manors, remodeled into cramped and cheap apartments.


Mother Narya 
Chef Roselle 


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