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A Brief History of Doskvol

  • 160 PC

    The Start of Doskvol

    The old Skov kingdom establishes a coal mining settlement at the river delta. It grows into a small port town over several generations.

  • 0 PC

    The Cataclysm
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    During the cataclysm, the far northern reaches are spared the worst of the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that shattered most of the continents to the south. The people of the mining settlement, like almost all of the survivors of the cataclysm, swear eternal fealty to the Immortal Emperor in exchange for his magical protection from the legions of vengeful spirits and other horrors unleashed upon the world. The safeguarded settlements salvage what they can from the ruins, and begin the long process of re-building.

  • 200 IE

    Construction beginning/end

    Some of the knowledge and technologies lost by the cataclysm are beginning to be restored at this point, thanks in large part to schools established by the Immortal Emperor and stocked with scholarly works rescued from obliteration. Doskvol becomes the primary training ground for all nautical endeavors.

  • 223 IE

    Great Deluge
    Geological / environmental event

    The “great deluge” floods the mines of the rapidly growing city and kills hundreds. The mines are abandoned for several centuries, until advanced steam-powered machines can be employed to restore them.

  • 551 IE

    Leviathan Blood
    Technological achievement

    The first hunters succeed at harvesting and refining leviathan blood, reaping a fuel source that will eventually power the Imperium.

  • 556 IE

    Lightning Barriers
    Construction beginning/end

    The Immortal Emperor decrees that all cities of the Imperium are to begin construction of lightning barriers to replace waning protective sorceries. The first prototype barrier towers are built in Doskvol around the district that will become Charterhall.

  • 809 IE

    845 IE

    Unity War Begins

    Local citizens object when the Imperium moves the vast majority of its toxic leviathan blood processing to the factory town of Lockport in Skovlan. The Skovlanders insist that they are not subject to unilateral Imperial decree, claiming their figure-head king, Aldric, as their rightful ruler and demanding a withdrawal of the processing plants. The Emperor ignores them, sending workers to establish the new facilities under protection of the Imperial Military. King Aldric musters a militia force, and the Unity War begins. Over the course of the conflict, over two thousand Skovlander refugees flee their war-torn homeland and make for the closest port, Doskvol.

  • 845 IE

    Queen Alayne and King Aldric are Assassinated
    Life, Death

    The Unity War comes to end when Skovlan surrenders after Queen Alayne and her husband are killed by an assassin.

  • 847 IE

    Present Day

    Present Day