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Charterhall District Traits

Security & SafetyOOOO
Criminal Influence
Occult Influence
The records in Charterhall can be of particular interest to criminal sorts. Take a Devil’s Bargain for +1d to gather info here in exchange for 1 heat (the Bluecoats are always watching for scoundrels like you).   Charterhall is the site of the first major construction in the city, in the days before the cataclysm. The old wall upon which was built the first lightning barrier in the Empire still stands in partial ruin around the district. The area is now home to the civic offices of the government including the courts, licensing and taxation offices, banks, and records archives. City officials and students at Charterhall University live here, along with the captains of Imperial industry who prefer to reside within sight of their fortunes.  


Charter Wall
Bellweather Crematorium
Clerk Street
Jayan Park
Charterhall Univiersity


Clerks and government workers rush to and fro, official papers bulging from their valises. Wealthy bankers trundle past in heavy carriages with private bodyguards arrayed in clanking armor. Students gather at street-corner cafes to discuss Iruvian politics, the tribal lineages of the Dagger Isles, and other esoteric matters.


Broad, clean, well-lit.


Imposing stone buildings with officious columns and classical sculptural motifs.


Lady Drake
Lord Penderyn


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