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Whitecrown District Traits

Security & SafetyOOOO
Criminal Influence
Occult InfluenceOO
Most engagement rolls suffer -2d due to heavy Bluecoat patrols. Operations against the nobility in Whitecrown are considered on “hostile turf ” for the purpose of generating heat.   Whitecrown sits atop a grand peak on the island across North Hook channel from the city proper. From this lofty height, the Lord Governor’s stronghold oversees all, flanked by the grand estates of the most powerful nobility and the extravagantly appointed campus of Doskvol Academy. Whitecrown is a rich and rarefied world unto itself—most citizens live out their entire lives in the city without ever once crossing the bridge to the glittering spires of wealth and power there.  


Lord Governor's Stronghold 
Doskvol Academy 
Master Warden's Estate 
North Hook Lighthouse 


Imperial soldiers parade outside the stronghold, astride their armored steeds, gleaming lances held high. Trainee crews run drills on a leviathan hunter ship docked for refitting. The lavish carriages and electroplasmic coaches of the fabulously wealthy glide by, carrying their privileged passengers to luxurious destinations.


Broad, polished stone, brightly lit to near daylight by a riot of warm electric lights.


Grand, elegant facades; landscaped terraces, balconies, and elevated walkways connecting bright marble buildings with inlaid platinum and gold details.


Maestro Helleren 
Lady Freyla 


  • Whitecrown Map

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