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Barrowcleft District Traits

Security & SafetyOOO
Criminal Influence
Occult Influence
Barrowcleft market is one of the best marketplaces in the city, but criminal types draw lots of unwanted attention. You can take +1d to acquire an asset here, but also accrue +2 heat.   Barrowcleft is the home to the laborers and overseers of the Ministry of Preservation who attend the radiant energy farms of Doskvol. It is a dusty, rural district, with simple wooden buildings of only one or two stories and wide dirt roads to accommodate large cargo wagons. The farmers of Barrowcleft are organized into tight-knit family-based clans that are proud of their vital role in the city’s welfare and hold themselves apart from the “city folk” across the river. Outsiders are welcome here for honest trade, but are met with a cold suspicion otherwise.  


Barrow Bridge
Lightning Tower
Barrowcleft Market
Radiant Energy Farm


Farmers trudging to and from work. Tradespeople crafting simple goods. Merchants selling their wares. Heavy-laden cargo wagons transporting food into the city. Vigilant deputies surveying the fields from their watchtowers.


Smooth dirt roads, drainage ditches.


Low, wide wooden structures. Barns. Animal pens. Stone mills. Hilltop manors for the Overseers. Crowded apartments, towers, and market stalls along Barrow Bridge.


Chief Prichard
Hester Vale
Mara Keel


  • Barrowcleft Map
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