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Kingdom of Knosos

Home to the great city of Herna, largest in Mayar and home to peoples of all races. The city is a great trading hub, and brings a great deal of wealth to Knosos.   Knosos shares a border with Hakkra, and has a significant half-orc population near the border. It has a strong military due to years of skirmishes and wars with the orcs of what is now Hakkra, but is at a time of relative peace having recognized Hakkra as an independent orcish state and negotiating a border (primarily with the half-orcs.) Argolida and Massalia ally with Knosos and share a common army.   Known for its rich farmlands, Knosos has many specialty foods and exports a good deal of grain. Great vineyards are planted in the northern part of the country, which produce many fine wines.


Foreign Relations

Knosos has a tenuous peace agreement with Hakkra, but are on excellent terms with all of their other neighbors. They are competing with Eretria Dimokratia and The Free City of Cyme over sea trade routes, as trade with the Eastern Kingdoms has become more common.

Agriculture & Industry

Knosos is home to rich farmlands, a healthy lumber industry and excellent fishing. Their wine industry is particularly robust and well known throughout the kingdoms: they even make (an inexpensive) wine specifically for export to Hakkra.

Trade & Transport

The great port of Herna sees a great deal of traffic from traders and merchants from all across Mayar, selling every item imaginable. There is also a well established road to Aerey, which is the most common trade route for spice, elvish honey, and other elvish goods.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Major Exports
Wine, grain
Major Imports
Spices, Elvish honey, fine pottery, gems and precious metals, jewelry, Gnomish craftwork, Dragonborn weapons and armor, rare items
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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