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The largest city in all of Mayar, Herna has a large, well protected port, central to the kingdoms, with land routes to the Kingdom of Aerey, the Kingdom of Kuril, Hakkra, and the Kingdom of Argolida.   It houses two grand marketplaces in addition to the smaller temple market. Herna castle is home to the royal family of Knosos.   The food of Herna is legendary. Dedicated restaurants and street vendors alike are plentiful, and even the tavern food tends to be far better than average. Fresh seafood is abundant, and the rich farmlands of Knosos yield a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The wine selection is extensive, and the local taverns compete to produce the most interesting ales.


While the nobility are almost entirely human, the rest of the population is extremely varied.


Wine from northern Knosos is the most common export. A wide range of artisans work with various imported raw materials as well. Herna sees trade from all across Mayar, and nearly any item can be purchased here... for those willing to pay.   As trade routes to the East have opened up, Herna has found itself in more direct competition with Tepaetium and The Free City of Cyme. While the spice and wine trades have remained strong, trade in other goods has waned. Many merchant ships now skip Herna entirely on their routes. Business is not as good as it once was, taverns are shuttering their doors, crime is up, and the population is slowly decreasing.


Large city
Included Locations
Owning Organization
Kingdom of Knosos

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