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Sharing borders with the human kingdoms of Massalia and Knosos, the landlocked orcish state of Hakkra has a tense relationship with the humans as they desire to expand further south, being locked in by more harsh climates on the north and west. The aggressive nature of the orcs gives the other races the impression that they’re just warlike in general.   Nevertheless, the large Half-Orc population that has developed due to proximity with the human kingdoms have developed more “orderly” townships, especially close to the border. They have, in more recent years, set up a capital city of Teleutub, and have begun a trading relationship with the human kingdoms.   Society is primarily tribal, and becomes more tribal and more orcish the furthur one travels into Hakkra.


Officially, Tyr and Tempus are the most commonly worshipped gods in Hakkra... officially. The Half-Orcs of Teleutub have even constructed the Teleutub Temple of Tempus and the Teleutub Temple of Tyr.   However, in the tribes deeper in Hakkra, and even in the cities, strange orcish gods are worshipped, along with unsavory gods such as Loviatar, Malar, Talos, and Talona.

Agriculture & Industry

Many of the tribes further in Hakkra prefer hunting to farming, but the half orcs closer to the human kingdoms maintain great grain fields, and large cattle ranches. Smithing and leatherworking are common professions, and though the work is not as fine as dwarven or elvish, orcish armor and weaponry is exceptionally tough and durable.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Tribe
Government System
Major Exports
Grain, livestock
Major Imports
Wine, spices, Dragonborn weapons and armor
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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