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Long ago the gods lived among mortals in a great civilization. Now, long after The Cataclysm, the mortal races continue to piece together what actually happened. Dragons have not been seen for over a thousand years, but the Dragonborn still hold out hope that their masters will return.   A bustling, mostly peaceful civilization now populates the continent of Mayar. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and Gnomes have a rich trading relationship. The recently rediscovered Dragonborn and the reclusive Tieflings are also engaged in exchanges of culture and goods. Even the Orcs have developed a new peace treaty with their neighbors the humans.   Still, not all is peace and harmony. Warbands of nomadic tribal orcs, wild goblin tribes, and secretive, cruel Yuan-Ti pose formidable threats to villages and adventurers alike.   Many dangerous and distant lands remain mostly unexplored, ready for the taking by those bold enough to make the journey. The lush, tropical rainforests of the north, the icy tundras and frigid dark forests of the south, the tall, cold mountains and vast, cold deserts each provide their own dangers, wonders and ancient mysteries.

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