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None Who Serve is Forgotten

In the depths of Maura House in Daskar, Torgrim Ravndal, the ancient head of Directorate Seven, bows before the newest marker among the dozens of memorials in the vault. The name on the marker reads "Linda Ericsson" and the epitaph says "Devoted daughter of Druikshe. She will be born anew like the coming of a warm Spring after the cold and dark Winter." On the base of each of the memorials is engraved, "None Who Serve is Forgotten." Looking around the vault at the memorials, Ravndal whispers to himself, 'Too many. There are too many. And many were too young." He vows to avenge them. Yfel will pay.
Torgrim Ravndal, head of Directorate Seven
Linda Ericsson

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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