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Bound Series
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Vestiges of Divergence

The Vestiges of Divergence are ancient and powerful artifacts from the ancient ages. Since the ancient ages, these items have been scattered around the world—lost to the history books, passed down as symbols of power through various bloodlines or government positions, or stolen and unrecovered for hundreds of years.   The Vestiges are legendary artifacts that grow in power with the experience, force of will, and strength of character of the bearer. Many Vestiges, if sealed away or left without a worthy attuned individual for a period of time, will revert to their dormant state. A vestige in its dormant state still imbues power to the attuned, but with time, perseverance, and personal growth, the Vestige can regain access to some of its lost abilities by reaching its awakened state. Eventually, through extreme personal challenge, evolution, and achievement, the Vestige can reach its full potential in its exalted state. This is the true power of the Vestige, the state in which it was originally utilized in the ancient ages against battle-ready celestials.   While the Vestiges were often created by the Prime Deities, there are darker counterparts to them created by the Betrayer Gods called the Arms of the Betrayers.  

Advancement of a Vestige of Divergence

The conditions by which a Vestige of Divergence progresses to its next level of power can vary, and often revolve around the nature of the specific item and its magick. An attuned bearer of a Vestige of Divergence must often symbolically progress to a new state of self-discovery of accomplishment. Alternatively, a Vestige of Divergence might bequeath new power to a character in a state of extreme personal duress or desperation.   Such triggering moments are entirely up to the KT to identify and unveil, and as such, will likely manifest in unexpected ways. Players should allow the organic narrative moments that they feel might exemplify such an advancement to occur, and KTs should tailor the triggering moment accordingly to be important, impactful, and memorable.  
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List of Vestiges of Divergence

Vestige of Divergence Type Lost Found Owner Acquired
Agony's Chains Weapon (flail) Oliver McKinney His Light, book 4 of the Shadows Saga
Betrayal's Sting Bow -- --
Cyclone Bow -- --
Death's Touch Shield -- --
End of the Berserker Chest plate -- --
Ghastly Bulwark Shield -- --
Heroes Gauntlet of the Dracat Gauntlet -- --
Lightbane Weapon (rapier) -- --
Primal Scaled Cape Cloak -- --
Purify Weapon (dagger) -- --
Sanguine Weapon (dagger) Kěith Cheonsa During the Bound Series
Skullcleaver Weapon (battle axe) -- --
Timeworn Bone Handguards Gauntlets Jack McClain During the Alpha Trilogy
Vest of Auras Chest plate -- --
Warden's Chopper Weapon (battle axe) -- --
Wraps of Fortune Cloak -- --

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