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The White Mountains Region

Home of the White Mountain Pack

The large group of mountains to the north of the Moonlight Expanse, has forever been been designated the place of the glacial storms. The mountain range's early history is much of the same as any other and indeed the inhabitants of this land were scarcely known to exist prior to the wolf packs setting up a trading route between one another with potential ambition of future stability of the rest of the continent of Chymoús. These, however, never ended up amounting to anything significant, with Vladimir Tepes arriving and starting to construct the Itude Empire.   This period did not last long as subsequent massed migrations of werewolves began to settle along the range's south border after the Itude Empire starting branching out. This caused climatic changes and political unrest in their homeland. These new wolves were in large droves and integrated with the local mountain wolves, creating a new combined culture.   Out of this period, numerous small warring and mountain and forest wolves eventually gave rise to seven minor groups warring for control of the Mountains Range: the two southern-most and central ethnicities were mostly ethnic forest wolves, the three northern being mostly ethnic mountain wolves and one lake wolves in the the Frozen Slopes, located to the southeast of the mountains.   The continual competition of these ethnicities was eventually put on hold, thanks to the four Alphas having visions of their Lunas being in danger. They realized that the only way to save their Lunas would be to follow through with the goddess of the Moon's request: kill the empress of the Itude Empire. All four Alphas agreed to become a total of four packs. By the year 1492 EoL, six years after the packs were formed, the Alphas banded together and went after the empress.   Sometime during this attack, the White Mountains Range experienced the glacial storms that would forever ravage the place each year. At the time, it was Alpha Axel who experienced this travesty. Now, it is currently Alpha Tyler Caldmen who is trapped with the inevitable fate of the glacial storms that may wipe the White Mountain Pack off the face of the continent some day.  


The climate of the mountains is broadly similar to that of the Icywind Alps to the far east, though with a slight inclination toward more snow than rain at colder times. The south of the range, though still rather cold, is flattened out by a bit or mildly hilly, providing fairly decent animal farmland. The overall temperature begins to quickly reduce, however, as one travel northwards with most established settlements becoming unsustainable when the subarctic land transitions rather abruptly into desnse, highland mountains. The northern half the region is almost completely uninhabited by any race as the climate can rapidly shift to polar with the ever decreasing vegetation. The land becomes dominated by jagged mountaisn which remain snowbound for almost the entire year, separated by an abundance of huge glaciers and deep fjords even further north.   Due to this harsh environment, the region remains quite sparsely populated even to this tday, with the hills much more than the mountains providing sustenance to most of the large population centers. This reliance on the hills has ensured that the regions have become the primary trade hub of the northern section of the expanse, with a great many of its inhabitants being known as excellent herders and mountain climbers of the small but sturdy craft they prefer.  


As to be expected, both the culture and military of the WHMP wolves who live here could be regarded as a fairly even combination of both mountain and forest wolf practices, increasing severity of one culture having prominence over another with closeness to either side of the mountain range. Therefore, wolves living here tend to have pale skin and light eyes, with an even mix of red-haired and black-haired inhabitants.

Table of Contents

Founding Date
1486 EoL
Political, Faction / Party
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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