Wolf Phrases

The language of the werewolves is more than just sounds. There are body motions that go along with it and some wolves have even mastered the art of speaking with magick. Not all wolves use the wolf language as their prefered language. Throughout the busy cities and markets of the Moonlight Expanse, you'll hear and see many phrases and expressions.  
"A wolf who speaks only with fangs might never know the true beauty of words."
Common Female Names
Ciera, Minerva, Suna
Common Male Names
Byrant, Destan, Jack, Lucian, Oran
Common Unisex Names
Aven, Seán
Common phrases wolves say with magick are as follows:  
Phrases Meaning
How do ye? How are you? / Are you alright? A common greeting.
"Hold yar tongue there and ya keep yar friends." An adaptation of the idiom "if you have nothing nice to stay, say nothing at all".
"Put up with whatever ails you." One must deal with whatever horrible things that plague them.
“You're jumpier than a wolf on a silver cage.” One is extremely nervous about what is happening or going to happen.
Insults are best for those who have crossed a wolf:  
Insults Meaning
Leech / Parasite / Undead Corpse / Bloodsucker / Fanger / Deadie Harsh, racist terms used for a vampire
"Get out of here, you fucking corpse-humper." Racist remarks against people who have sex with vampires. It is also used as a racist remark against vampires to imply that they partake in bestiality.
"She's got a fanger lodged up her arse." Means someone is hideous & no one wants to sleep with them.
Actions Meaning
Pad Slow walk; named for the pads of a wolf's paw
Pounce Playful gesture of bouncing toward another wolf, often landing with front legs bended
Tackle Typical result of pouncing; jumping on one another to playful (or angrily) take them down
Sniff A normal greeting and way of gaining more information about a wolf
Nuzzle Affectionate gesture of greeting, respect and affection
Lick Affectionate gesture between relations
Slurp Affectionate, lengthy lick that leaves LOTS of slobber
Nibble Playful gesture of chewing on another wolf; usually ears, tail, or paws
Nip on nose - "I like you."
on hand - "You're cute."
on cheek - "I love you!"
on belly - "Pups?"
on muzzle/lips - "You're mine forever!"
on shoulder - "Let's go for a walk."
on neck - flirty
on front arm - flirty
on thigh - major flirty
Chase Playful or angry gesture; also done during hunting
Hunt A survival act; the circle of life, food chain; hunting and killing an animal for food
Male brings mate food "I love you."
Male brings mate drink "You're beautiful."
Tail wag One of many tail positions; friendly and welcoming
Rubbing / Squeezing cheek - "Will you live with me?"
tummy - "Want to be the ______ of my pups?"
behind - "You're my soulmate."
against the other - "You're wonderful!"
Plays with behind - "Don't ever leave me!"
Looks away suddenly "I'm shy."
Postures - Tail Meaning
Held high indicates the wolf is the dominant wolf; most likely an Alpha
Stiff horizontal indicates the wolf is going to attack, is hunting, is angry, or is annoyed
Wagging the wolf is happy and relaxed
Half-dropped relatively relaxed
Half-tucked with a partially arched back submission and humility to another
Fully dropped even more relaxed; very calm
Fully tucked with highly arched back shows extreme fear
Twined tail/arm/leg with other "Walk with me."
Postures - Body Meaning
Body low/crouching a sign of sneakiness, and is common during hunting and attacking
Body tight and turned with a snarl Body tight and turned with a snarl - defensive or feeling threatened
Laying on the ground, underbelly exposed passive submission
Body low to the ground, head kept below another's active submission
Body relaxed and running playful
Body tight, tail tucked while running fear
Front legs bent, rear body still in air playfulness and impended pounce
Front of the body extended but tail tucked and back fear and aggressiveness at once
Sounds Meaning
Bark loud welcoming gesture; can be playful, serious, or even chastising
Chuff soft under the breath bark; playful but mostly affectionate
Yip / Yap high pitched bark common to pups
Woof low, deep bark common to older wolves
Murr romantic sound between mates
Giggle flirty sound between mates
Griggle distinct wolf laughter, a mix of a giggle and a non-threatening growl
Whimper sad, high pitched sound; often in pain
Whine fear or sad gesture; also a sign of submission
Yelp a short high pitched whine of shock or pain
Yawn sounds like an elongate growl
Growl infamous sound, usually shows anger or dominance, threatening but can be used playfully
Snarl extremely angry and threatening growl; throaty and final
Howl continuous echo; used to call wolves together and communicate over long distances; howling is a bonding sound sometimes accompanying a kill, it strengthens bonds within the pack

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