Pivola Milnought

A careful and quiet person

Pivola was a quiet and reserved woman with few friends to speak of. She spent most of her energy and time on her family and her garden until her death. She was murdered in The Milnought Family Murders along with her husband, mother in law and her two eldest children.  
Oh yes, Pivola was the quiet woman with the big eyes who usually sold her herbs in the market.   She wasn't exactly the most talkative person around, if she could, she would avoid any human interaction. So, not many of us knew her well before her death.
— inhabitant of Briarholm


Pivola was born and raised in Briarholm. Her parents were small time farmers and her mother made an income by woving baskets and selling them in the town. They weren't well off, but weren't considered poor either.  

Family life

Her parents weren't the most loving and tended to avoid showing affection, whether it be through actions or words. Hugs were sparce and Pivola often felt that she was not loved. This led to her chasing after attention in her youth and led her to her future husband.  

Partner and family

She met Efal Milnought when she was 17 years old, and they immediately clicked well. He treated her well in the beginning and she fell head over heels. They got married when Pivola was 20 and ended up having 3 children: Membert, Henecha and Fimich.  
However, Efal didn't stay as sweet as he had been during their youth. The pair grew apart and even held resentment for each other at times.   The children didn't get along great with their now emotionally detached father and Pivola became a bit distant because she was heartbroken over her husbands shift in behaviour.
It seemed that she gave up a long time before her death. She wasn't the same Pivola we knew during our youth.   She'd never been the life of the party, but her happiness only faded away in the years after she got married.
— Pivola's childhood friend
  When Efal started abusing their youngest child, Pivola didn't stop him. She had given up long before then and was a passive bystander as she watched her husband and the other kids torment Fimich.


Pivola Milnought


Towards Efal Milnought

Efal Milnought


Towards Pivola Milnought

1481 ADF 1519 ADF 38 years old
Circumstances of Death
Efal Milnought (spouse)
Efal Milnought (husband)
Fimich Milnought (son)
Henecha Milnought (daughter)
Membert Milnought (son)
Kinn Milnought (mother in law)

The Milnought Family Murders
Myth | Jun 23, 2020

A well-known unsolved murder-case. A whole family killed right outside of the town borders. The murderer has never been found.

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