Membert Milnought

Victim of a violent crime

Membert Milnought

Milnought was a young man who ended up dying in Briarholm in a murder spree known as the The Milnought Family Murders. Milnought is the son of Pivola Milnought and Efal Milnought. Furthermore, his family included Fimich Milnought and Henecha Milnought, who were his siblings and Kinn Milnought who was his grandmother.  

Personality and interests

Membert was known around town as a helpful person, who was ready to take on some chores for others in return for a little compensation. His prices weren't too high and could be anything from a few coins to a bowl of stew or a handful of flowers. He was quiet but also quite the jokester who let out witty little remarks with a playful smile on his lips.


His main interests included exploring the woods and woodworking, and he loved working with his hands and getting creative. He made a little money selling his wooden scupltures and small household items.   Furthermore, he enjoyed sports and dalying around with the other young people in the town, getting drunk in the forest and telling stories and singing together.
He wasn't the most pure being, that's for sure, but he wasn't completely bad either.   But it seems that he never stood up for his brother, and that he apparently even added to his torment. To everyone else, he was a sweet boy, but to his own brother, he was but another tormenter.
— Townspeople

The Death of the Milnoughts

Membert wasn't the only one to die from his family, everyone but his youngest brother perished in the murder spree that went through the town. At first there was no obvious motive, but later when Fimich was discovered alive and a letter was found, it was made apparent that the perpetrator saw it as the family's punishment for their bad treatment of Fimich.   Together, the family members had each either emotionally, verbally or physically abused Fimich. Membert tended to verbally abuse him but rarely he also took part in the physical abuse that the father primarily tended to lean towards.
1500 ADF 1519 ADF 19 years old
Circumstances of Death
Dark Brown
Efal Milnought (father)
Fimich Milnought (brother)
Henecha Milnought (sister)
Kinn Milnought (grandmother)
Pivola Milnought (mother)

The Milnought Family Murders
Myth | Jun 23, 2020

A well-known unsolved murder-case. A whole family killed right outside of the town borders. The murderer has never been found.

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